Dear Friend of Casa dell’Arte,

As a family, we always loved art, sharing it with our friends, so Casa dell’Arte was designed to serve as a sacred place to share the beauties of life, art, nature, architecture, gastronomy and friendship. We witnessed the amazing power of art, its universal language, to connect people, cultures and colors together.

Casa dell’Arte’s story begins with my parents Fatos and Yunus Buyukkusoglu. Together they stood by the beach in Torba, Bodrum, Turkey, a small fisherman’s village, and dreamed for hours, as they watched the magnificent palm tree that was standing almost in the water. They started off with an inspiration and came up with the idea to share art and the artworks they had been collecting for 40 years with their guests. The first venture of this vision was a museum-like 12 suite boutique hotel, Casa dell’Arte, to share the experience of being in a collector’s home. Next came Casa Frida, the place where that magnificent palm tree gave all the inspiration. In both of our hotels now we have the privilege to share memorable unique experiences with our guests and be part of our guest’s dreams for their weddings. For those who would like to sit and relax under its shade, that tree is still there…

To me Casa dell’Arte is where I have met the most incredible, extraordinary people from all over the world who became my best friends.

Using the imagination enlivens and enriches our minds and so combining space, concept and art around communities, we create new experiences. The act of making and creating is deeply satisfying, life-affirming and rewarding and in this we will continue to form bridges.

This is what we try to achieve with Casa dell’Arte Club House Lisbon. The discovery of a unique city with wonderful people, untouched history full of art and culture, hand in hand with Turkish hospitality and a Turkish collector family’s art collection.

Casa dell’Arte Club House is located in the heart of Campo de Santa Clara and Feira de Ladra, the oldest market in Lisbon, a destination for bargains and treasure hunting for centuries, right beside Alfama and Graça, the oldest neighborhoods in Lisbon. Built in 1783, the beautiful palacette, one of the top 10 most beautiful tiled buildings in the city, hosts an art gallery, a private terrace , a grand dining room and a café where we serve Turkish coffee, as a symbol of our Turkish hospitality, all to make you feel like a guest in a collector’s home. Casa dell’Arte Club House will be hosting exhibitions, guest artist programs and a selection of artworks from our family collection.

I hope in this wonderful place, you will create unique memories and feel as lucky as we do to see the beautiful Lisbon through the lens of Casa dell’Arte.

Ahu Buyukkusoglu Serter


Lisbon, one of the oldest cities in the world and the capital of Portugal, today is one of Europe’s major trade, media, entertainment, culinary, art and tourism centers, as it has been for centuries. Casa dell’Arte Club House is located in the heart of Campo de Santa Clara and Feira de Ladra, the oldest market in Lisbon, a destination for bargains and treasure hunting for centuries, right beside Alfama and Graça, the oldest neighborhoods in Lisbon.
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The Art Department provides support for the production of contemporary art and aims to make art accessible to masses, shares art with our guests in Lisbon. Artworks from the Büyükkuşoğlu Collection is exhibited throughout Casa dell’Arte Club House’s rooms and common areas. The Art Department will also be hosting exhibitions and Guest Artist Programs.

For details of exhibition dates and programs


Established in Casa dell’Arte Hotel, Bodrum, Ninu Restaurant, which means “we, women” in Sumerian language, celebrating women leadership and unity even with its name, opens its kitchen to offer different tastes, giving priority to female chefs. To explore the culinary delights of our guest chef program and the special tasting menus which will be served in the private dining area decorated with stunning “azulejos” check out the guest chef who will be with us for the NINU Chef Residency during your visit .
NINU Chef Residency program


The Turkish coffee culture and tradition that started in the 16th century continues in Lisbon at Casa dell’Arte Club House. As the poet says, “Not the coffee, nor the coffeehouse is the longing of the soul a friend is what the soul longs for, coffee is just the excuse.” Besides drinking coffee, coffee shops; has been a place to socialize, where people discuss many topics including art, literature and politics.
Another important ritual that comes to mind with Turkish coffee is coffee reading, tasseography… If you don’t really believe, but don’t want to stay away from your foretelling either,
come and let us tell you what your future awaits you


Many books have been written about the unique art pieces, “Azulejos” the Portuguese tiles which you will see throughout the Club House. Each room is like a modern art gallery, and everything you touch has a story.

Our living room and terrace furnished with exquisite taste is great for a cup of Turkish coffee after a stroll in the streets of Lisbon.

Casa dell’Arte Club House’s private dining area and café hosts Chef Residency Programs, exhibitions and art events.


Portuguese tiles cover the walls of this suite which has access to the delightfully furnished patio


This suite has stunning views of the Tejo River and overlooks the St. Engrácia Church known as the National Pantheon


Our smallest but beautiful suite overlooking the St. Vicente Church, built in the 17th Century.


It dates from 1860, created in the romantic style of the time, with Baroque inspiration. Blue, yellow and white are the colors used to depict and frame busts imitating marble.


Established in Casa dell’Arte Bodrum, NINU Restaurant, which means “we, women” in Sumerian language, celebrating women leadership and unity even with its name, opens its kitchen to offer different tastes, giving priority to female chefs.

The “Chef Residency”, which was launched in 2015 at NINU Restaurant in Casa dell’Arte Bodrum, has hosted many successful chefs. Murat Bozok from Mimolet, Jale Balci from Antiochia, Bengi Kayhan, who had previously served as the chef of famous restaurants such as Asitane and ZeldaZonk in Istanbul, Pelin Dumanli from Foodrum and Private Chef Pinar Ishakoglu have been guests of our kitchen..

NINU Chef Residency allows chefs to explore their creativity and get together with guests who want to experience different tastes and gourmets who want to treat their palate to flavor meeting with art.




The Büyükkuşoğlu Collection
The Büyükkuşoğlu Collection is comprised of an extraordinary assemblage of paintings, sculptures and objects that Fatoş and Yunus Büyükkuşoğlu have diligently added to through travels, auctions, exhibitions and studio visits over a period of forty years. The collection accommodates a noteworthy selection of Turkish art starting from mid-19th century and continuing with modern Turkish masters and is considered one of the most significant private art collections in Turkey.

The Art Department is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for the production of inspiring art projects and organizing educational programs in order to expand awareness through contemporary art.

In addition to organizing International Art Residency Programs in Bodrum since 2011, The Art Department manages the Büyükkuşoğlu Collection and organizes various art and cultural events at Casa dell’Arte Bodrum, the first boutique art hotel in Turkey where the Büyükkuşoğlu Collection artworks are exhibited.

Casa dell’Arte Club House & The Art Department
For the opening of the Club House, artworks from the Büyükkuşoğlu from artists such as; Maro Michalakakos, Ryan Mendoza, Adnan Çoker, Bahadır Baruter, Neş’e Erdok, Richard Learoyd, Nuri İyem, Kiki Smith, Mehmet Ali Uysal, Romina Ressia, Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Mat Collishaw have been selected. The Art Department presents a combination of Turkish and international art and presents a variety of different techniques and cultures under one roof. The art collection throughout the Casa dell’Arte Club House will change each year and a new selection of artworks will be displayed.

Along with the presentation of the private collection, a selection of hand-woven silk carpets from Turkey will be exhibited at the gallery. This will be the first exhibition of the gallery, and it will take the audience on a journey of various religions and cultures from Biblical stories to maps by 16th century sailor and cartographer Piri Reis, to miniatures from the Ottoman Empire depicted on silk carpets.



Turn your life into an adventure with your stories and your friends to share. Be in a place where you will feel at home on this journey…

While enjoying your morning coffee, discover every corner of your “home”, every art piece, the secret story of each piece of art.

Whether you are turning your holiday into an adventure, experiencing the excitement of discovering a new city, or visiting a place you’ve been to many times, visit Casa dell’Arte Club House to find yourself in a story you have never experienced before.

Simply choose your arrival and departure dates and complete your reservation… Reserve one of the 3 rooms prepared especially for you.

Campo de Santa Clara No:125 1100-473 São Vicente – Lisboa – Portugal